About Us

The Food Industry Association Executives are a powerful network of local, state, regional and national food associations throughout the United States and Canada. They, in turn, represent over 95 percent of the grocery and food industry. As a professional organization, FIAE sponsors meetings, activities, publications and services to advance the knowledge and professionalism of the food industry association executive, and serves as a vehicle for the advancement of the food industry's agenda.

Our Services Include:

  • Annual Meeting
  • Convention
  • Newsletter
  • List Serve
  • Surveys and Reports
  • Liaison with other Food Industry Associations
  • Networking
  • Membership Directory
  • A Voice in Governmental Affairs
  • Association Executive Grants for Professional Development
  • Forums for Professional Growth and Development
  • Sharing of Ideas - State by State
  • Discounted Membership to The Food Institute
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